About Us

Serendipity is on Virgin Gorda, the third largest of the British Virgin Islands, with a resident population of only 2,500 people. It is a tranquil, unspoiled island that has a year round temperature in the 80’s.

There are fabulous, boulder strewn, white sand beaches, national parks for walking, water sports, sail or motorboats for charter, deep sea fishing, excellent SCUBA diving, opportunities to windsurf, water ski, or horseback ride.

But, perhaps just as important are the things Virgin Gorda does not have: no high rises, no neon signs, no traffic lights, no casinos, no golf, and no movie theaters. Just several excellent restaurants and informal night clubs featuring local bands and performers.

Serendipity comes with daily maid service. If you want a cook or babysitter, we can arrange it. Car rentals ditto.

Virgin Gorda is easy to reach. There are many direct flights from major U.S. and European cities to San Juan or St. Thomas. From there, frequent daily flights will take you to Virgin Gorda. You can also reach Virgin Gorda by ferry from St. Thomas or Tortola.

Keep in mind that Virgin Gorda is British, so bring a passport or birth certificate. The U.S. dollar is the local currency. Be prepared to drive on the left and to enjoy Island Time.